Tomorrow and Tomorrow

by Sharm



For whom weeps the storm
Her tears on our skin
The days of our years gone
Our souls soaked in sin
The memories ache with the weight of tomorrow

Who fights?
Who flies?
Who falls?

Stand tall my friend
May all of the Dark lost inside you find Light again
In time, tumbling turning, we seek amends
Eternal winds to the land descend
Our journey will never end

From those who've fallen to those who will rise
A prayer to keep us ever by your side
An undying promise that we just might
Carry on in a song

Pray don't forget us your bygone kin
With one world's end does a new begin
And should our souls scatter unto the wind
Still we shall live on

Stand tall my friend
May all of the Dark deep inside you find Light again
This time, tumbling turning, we make amends
Eternal winds toward the land ascend
Here to lift us then we won't end


released July 21, 2020
Originally by Masayoshi Soken.


all rights reserved



Sharm England, UK

I have been seeking out harmonies ever since I was a little girl.
My voice is untempered and unruly and it challenges anyone who wishes to work with me.

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