Morally Grey

by Sharm



Morally grey
Morally grey
I don’t know who you thought I was
Those claims of layers, layers of grey, grey, grey
I think you’re fools
I’m so used to feeling hate
Morally grey how could I ever be?
That was lost when Arthas stole my soul from me
So now all life and hope ought die
Teldrassil must burn, burn, burn, burn, yeah
Smoldering corpses and lifeless eyes
Of innocent souls, to further my goals
Sure, I’m so Morally Grey
Morally Grey
You might remember Wrathgate
Claimed I knew not, knew not of that plan, plan, plan
B’that plague was all mine, ha ha!
All in sacrifice for my path
Morally grey how could I ever be?
Don’t forget the battle for Gilneas
Garrosh gave the order true, true
But the plague was all me, me, me, me , yeah
Then in Eversong (Windrunner Spire)
Didn’t kill them (but had a plan to)
They will serve death (they will serve me)
Sure, I’m so Morally Grey
Morally Grey
At the gathering (in Arathi)
Forsaken and humans, day of family and friends (feel the love)
Slaughtered countless of my own people
Just for running back to me, yeah
So grey, yeah
Tried at Stormheim (Genn you old wolf)
To enslave Eyir (the queen Val’kyr)
To do my bidding (make more Val’kyr)
Extend my own life (immortality)
So Morally Grey
Morally Grey
So here I am with all my grey shades
They’re all the same...all 50
Black as night


released July 21, 2020




Sharm England, UK

I have been seeking out harmonies ever since I was a little girl.
My voice is untempered and unruly and it challenges anyone who wishes to work with me.

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