Junundu & Me

by Sharm



Junundu & Me is a game inspired song (Guild Wars 2). It is a "heartwarming tale of friendship and sacrifice between a Kournan girl and a giant wurm."


Sun red in the sky
Haze like gold
Twirling in the heat
My hands unfold
Rise up Junundu
Come to play
Tower over me
Be my shade
Ride on, great wurm
Away from the long war

Men come, laced with arms
Armour bright
Keep me safe from harm
For me, fight
I see in your eyes
Dark resolve
Scales red like on fire
Strong and bold
Ride on, great wurm
Away from the long war

They think you mean me harm
My great wurm
I'll show them you are calm
They will not hurt
I open up my arms
Atop the mighty wurm
Arrows fall like swarms
And lodge into my heart

Lay me by your side
We will play again
On these dunes


released June 19, 2013


all rights reserved



Sharm England, UK

I have been seeking out harmonies ever since I was a little girl.
My voice is untempered and unruly and it challenges anyone who wishes to work with me.

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