Essence Of Life - BrunuhVille Ft Sharm

by Sharm



Composed By BrunuhVille


Lyrics By Sharm & BrunuhVille:
Cross the oceans
Far away
Lead me angel, my way

Cross the sky
Far and wide
This child is the one I must guide

The wind calls to me
To lands of mystery
And when the night falls
We'll see all stars guiding us home

Guiding us home.

Lead me back home

I'm sorry, your world was never meant to be
But the humans couldn't see
Their hearts blinded with hatred

But you are, the essence of the one star
That will guide us all

In the shadows we'll seek out the light
Pure and true through the night

Sacred the beauty of such wonderland
The skies burn with fire from Hudraer's breath
As the wind blows the essence of (life)

Dear child, this dream is not mine
Your heart burns with fire so keep it alive
As the wind blows the essence of life


released April 11, 2015
BrunuhVille, Sharm




Sharm England, UK

I have been seeking out harmonies ever since I was a little girl.
My voice is untempered and unruly and it challenges anyone who wishes to work with me.

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