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AVRtSoD94 This music sends me into a journey through an enspiring magical world, it is my favourite when it comes to an escape from reality! Favorite track: Barren.


"Whispers" is a presentation of my work both old and new.


released May 29, 2015

Iain Pinnell - Lyrics "Lonely Shore", Gigi - Album Cover Art.




Sharm England, UK

I have been writing music and singing from the age of 8 years old. It all started with a "Goodmans Karaoke Box" and swapping over 2 cassettes constantly to multi-track my keyboard playing and vocals. How music production has evolved since then!

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Track Name: Old Magic (Intro)
Track Name: Moon & Star
Luhn-silvar, hortator, Azura'm gah'amer, Panthi-seht, sharmat-dra, ouabihn biridar, Osuhn almese sut ohm yalif sul devahr, Nerevar, Nerevar.

Moon and Star, Hortator, Azura's champion God's denial, Devil's bane, prophesized reformer. We pray for your soul's victorious return, Nerevar, Nerevar.
Track Name: Emalyn
Along the roads of Seradin
The knights rode wearily
One rider spoke of Emalyn
His wife she was soon to be
His wife, dearest Emalyn

No one did spy the Dragon fly
And soar into the clouds
The dragon slayed, but one it saved
The knight who spoke of love
The knight who spoke of love

The dragon snarled through plumes of smoke
And eyed the rider small
"You'll die this hour unless you give unto to me
A gift to save your soul.
Or I shall end you now."

On his knees the Knight did plea
And offered up his bride
"Her eyes are blue as the bluest skies,
And her name is Emalyn,
My dearest Emalyn."
Track Name: Rundea
Oh le ah
Krone fall
E meyar
Inra lona faenumor
Oh clundieya
Krone fall
E meyar
Track Name: Lonely Shore
She feels him walk to the shore
O'er the moor
Reaching the door
Where she watched him leave
All those years ago
Torn from her side
Gone from her eyes

Their words they fall on deaf ears
She wont feel their fear
That he has now gone
So she carries on
And deeply she longs
To see him once more
Reaching the shore

She waits on the loneliest shore
Forever more
Words mean nothing
He'll never fall
He never fell
All is well
On the lonely shore

They cry and tell her to mourn
She only feels scorn
For their foolish lies
And dreams of the time
He holds her again

Lonely she waits
Watching the waves

Whispers of tragic despair
Tainting the air
Clouding her mind
Making her blind
To the truth she knows
Inside it grows

He waits at the shore

She waits on the loneliest shore
Forever more
Words mean nothing
He'll never fall
He never fell
All is well
On the lonely shore
Track Name: Barren
Track Name: Emalyn's Resolve
She sat in a golden gown
Dressed for love and owned by vow
Owned by vow
The breeze swept through her hair
As the dragon met her stare
Met her stare

"You are mine.
Promised by your knight,
You are mine."

She clutched her robe to her chest
Tears disguised by fire in her eyes
Fire in her eyes

The Dragon watched her dark resolve
Bowed it's head and spoke to her
Spoke these words:

"Come now, we will fly
As you will it, your Knight shall die,
He shall die."

She shook her head and turned away
"He shall not suffer like I this day.
My love does stay."
Track Name: Forsaken
Track Name: Star Of Ferelden
Oulae ouna
Hale alundae
Oulae feleron
Le star Ferelden
Inaya leyro
Lenor naya
Track Name: Tyrant Of My Heart
Tyrant of my heart
You lock my soul away
With all your scent around me
Whisper words so sweet, your love
It captures me
Captured my heart, my soul
Left to fend on my own

Your desire grows
Take your darkness all
Running through my veins
Shutting out the pain

Tyrant of my heart
You conquer all my dreams
My heart is bound
Your hands around
My spirit as it cries
Into the night
Captured my heart, my soul
Left to fend on my own

I belong to you
Your most treasured jewel
Left aside to shine
Hidden by your smile
Track Name: Vocal Wanderings (Outro)

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