Forest Song

by Sharm

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Alor'el 02:42
Underneath the tree, Alor'el (Lover's Leaf) Kiss of fallen leaves, our farewell Darkening the sun shorel'aran (farewell) The light doth fade out Oh, Like a song in my heart I dream, of the Lover's Leaf Underneath the tree, Alor'el (Lover's Leaf) Deep the memory, sweet the smell Even though no more Always Thas'alah (the Light of the forest)
In purity All things are born Ancient a tree Stars twinkled young Weep tears so sweet Deep in the boughs Of innocence That once was ours Elune, Elune The Huntress' horn Thunderous the sound To battle it Calls to us now To the defense Of all we hold dear City of Elune Well of the moon A song on the breeze Calls through the trees Touched by the flames Fanned by the fears O how the first have fallen Coloured red like the leaves in Autumn To the realm of wisps and shadows To the realm of wisps and shadows We yet have blood to shed Our city shining, burning red Cradled in a tree of dreams and starlight Cradled in a tree of dreams and starlight Our cities gem Held at the stem One last time We take a stand One final act We shall perform By the flash of blades By the light of Moon The tree has fire for leaves And skeletons for branches Roots that feed upon the ashes of the dead and burning Winds become eternal cries of dying Winds become eternal cries of dying Winds become eternal cries of dying And this my son This lament For horrors sung Cruelty spent O little one Heeding my song Deep in our tree Death to our dreams Hark how the elves Ring silver bells By moons' glow By rivers' flow On on they send On without end their woeful tone to every home
"Beware, beware the Daughter of the Sea." "Beware," I heard him cry. His words carried upon the ocean breeze, As he sank beneath the tide. Those blood-soaked shores of Kalimdor, Where sailors fought and died. The Admiral fell at Theramore, because she left his side. Why this? Why this, oh Daughter of the Sea? Why this? Did you forget your seaside days? Always the pride of our nation's eyes, How could she go astray? When she did flee across the ocean deep, The Admiral followed west. What else but sail to save a daughter's life, And pray she still drew breath? But there he found upon those distant shores, Enemies 'pon the rise! But when he faced those savage foes His daughter stood aside. And buried deep beneath the waves, Betrayed by family. To his nation, with his last breath, cried, "Beware the Daughter of the Sea." I heard, I heard, across a moonlit sea, The old voice warning me, "Beware, beware the Daughter of the Sea", "Beware, beware..." ...of me.
Elune-Adore 02:32
Ande'thoras-ethil (May your troubles be diminished) Andu-falah-dor (Let balance be restored) Elune-Adore (Elune be with you) Alara-shinu (Find beauty in imperfection) Shanna melor-ne adala fal (The truth is a guiding light) Elune-Adore (Elune be with you)
Endel'ethil 03:02
Alore – Lover Dalah’thoras-ethil – My troubles are diminished Ande’alah – In your light Alara’shinu – Beauty found in imperfection Toril’o eranu – You told me to forget Endel’ethil – Breathless Vendel’o – Help me Taldu dore – Survive to restore Kalo’noras – Starry heavens Dalah alann – My heart No ashte vor – So very broken Ano – But/yet Surfas melor’ne adala – Love is a guiding light Anar'elore'dor – By the eternal moon Shindu fel’anir rae thoras na – Breaking through hell storm and struggle Anu kalo’noras sela’fin – For starry heavens at last Ande’alah – In your light Nalore – I know Endel’ethil – Breathless Fanass anath nal'il ande’adil – Indeed my soul knew it was you Ano-adore – I am with you Kal’ethil finel – Until the last fading star Kene'thil surfas – I love you
Forest Song 03:03
Deep in the forest song is where I belong Lost in the melodies the trees are my song Leaves carried by the breeze collect at my feet Flowers bloom in violet haze with fragrance so sweet Travelers wander through abandoned ruins Watched with a careful eye by hidden druids Anar'alah belore(By the light of the sun) Let this Forest song never fade Where the forest calls me I will go I will sing the songs of the Forest's soul
Nor'kal 02:00
Look for Nor'kal (Heaven's Stars) To guide you Look for Nor'kal (Heaven's Stars) Ash Karath (Do as I say) Rest now, my child Min'da (mama) is here Rest now, my child Sleep with no fear Ash Karath (Do as I say) Ande'thoras-ethil (May your troubles be diminished) Ash Karath (Do as I say) Nor'kal (Heaven's Stars) Ande'thoras-ethil (May your troubles be diminished)
Silent Night 01:34
Silent night, red the sky Homes are burned in the fire Dear Elune, hear our prayers Heal the broken and ease their fears Andu-falah-dor (Let balance be restored) Silent night, Kaldorei Turn your eyes to the sky Teldrassil's shadow forms in the night Black and hungry as tears in our eyes Andu-falah-dor (Let balance be restored)
We could stay here forever We could mourn for the earth We could die with the others We could pray for their birth In the silence of sorrow In the heat of the fire We know not of the morrow Yet know full of her ire For the War of Thorns Bled our land and filled our shores Grief is wrought and born Tor ilisar'thera'nal (let our enemies beware)
How cities fall Silent we crawl How lost we are Stood at the edge Silent we begged Vendel'o eranu (Help me forget) Elune Vendel'o eranu (Help me forget) Elune


released July 21, 2020


all rights reserved



Sharm England, UK

I have been seeking out harmonies ever since I was a little girl.
My voice is untempered and unruly and it challenges anyone who wishes to work with me.

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